First standalone Dab game

Few weeks passed since first release of Dab. I’ve been working on the codebase, refactoring a lot of code and adding static compilation (i.e. creating executable files). And finally I can introduce to you first standalone game written in Dab.

JIT Shooter is a project that I was using to create first usable version of Dab. And now you can download its .exe binary that doesn’t need Dab IDE.

Download JIT Shooter Standalone

However there are few issues:

  • you need OpenGL 3.2+ (to save additional functions calls shaders use explicit attrib locations)
  • you need MS C runtime 7.1 (you can get it here, game uses few functions like fopen/fread)
  • game uses STB image to load textures, those are compiled as DLL

But still, there is massive work ahead. I’ve removed few hacks just to add different hacks. However, next version (0.3) will feature proper handling of function pointers and few other modifications that will allow to reduce number of hard-coded tricks. Version 0.2 should happen in next few days.

BTW: I’m very happy with executable size. 39KB for playable native game is really not much. And with better loader (now all CRT/OpenGL calls are resolved in runtime very naively) it can be even smaller.

Other news: I’ve set up this blog as I’m not very happy with existing Dokuwiki site. I’ll probably experiment with wordpress wiki plugins instead.

I’ve also created Dab Google+ profile. Feel free to like+1!

After WGK

Dab on WGK was very successful! Version 0.2 is being developed. It will focus on project/build management. Soon I will provide more info and update wiki pages about language design/syntax.

Hello Dab!

Dab is having its premiere at WGK – gamedev conference.

However I must warn you that this first draft was prepared very quickly and code quality for some functions can be very low. However I was able to create a simple game in Dab, so it is totally usable (on Windows).

After WGK I will start fixing code issues, adding new features and creating documentation on this wiki. However I encourage you to check Dab!